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Google Drive resource introduction

All product software resources released by ArmSoM will be synchronized to Google Drive for users to download, and supporting resources for ArmSoM series products are also saved in Google Drive.

There are abundant software and hardware resources in the network disk, including [User Manual] ( supporting images, various development documents and development software, image SDK source code and other resources.

1. Download address​

Click to enter the link: Google Drive link

ArmSoM google-cloud-all

Google Drive resources mainly include the following parts:

2. Google Drive resources​

2.0. Must read before using the board​

Mainly includes some precautions before using the product

2.1. Development tools​

Stores tools and software packages that may be used during product use or development, such as serial port drivers, burning tools, etc. Please check the documentation in the folder for details.

Linux_Upgrade_Tool: A tool developed under Linux to support firmware upgrades

FactoryTool: Mass production upgrade tool, supports USB one-drag and multiple burning

RKDevTool programming tool: Rockchip development tool, separate firmware upgrade and entire update firmware upgrade tool

RK Driver Assistant: Rockchip microdriver, Windows version

SD_Disk_Tool: RK format image SD card burning tool

SDCardFormatter: SD card formatting tool

Serial driver: CH340 driver, Windows version

Serial terminal tool: MobaXterm_Portable_v23.4

Number writing tool: Rockchip number writing tool, SN, MAC address, etc.

IP scanning tool: Query ip address

2.2. Hardware information​

It stores schematic diagrams, dimensional drawings, hardware design source files of development kits, etc. for each model of ArmSoM, and provides chip manuals for major devices.

2.3. Linux image​

Stores the Linux system images supporting ArmSoM products, providing Ubuntu, Debian and Armbian system images respectively.

2.4. Android Mirror​

Stores the Android system image supporting ArmSoM products

2.5. RockChip official documentation​

Stores RockChip official documents, explaining each system peripheral in detail

2.6. SDK source code​

Store SDK source code compressed package

2.7. Quality inspection report​

Stores various quality inspection reports of ArmSoM products


The network disk information introduced in this article will be updated in real time, and the specific content is subject to the actual content in the network disk.