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ArmSoM Open Source Hardware Developer Center

ArmSoM Open source

Born from a shared passion for open-source innovation and freedom, ArmSoM was established in 2021 by a team of spirited young developers.

Originally founded in Shenzhen, ArmSoM plans to relocate its headquarters to Singapore over the next three years in order to access a global pool of like-minded talent.

Our commitment is to equip the open-source community with superb hardware, robust firmware, and extensive documentation. Simultaneously upholding open-source values, we deliver customizable and dependable ODM solutions to meet business needs globally.

ArmSoM Products​

Single Board Computer(SBC)Compute Module and Maker kitIoT/Industrial ControlAccessories
ArmSoM-Sige7 [Rockchip RK3588]ArmSoM-AIM7 [Rockchip RK3588]ArmSoM-P2pro [Rockchip RK3308]display-10-hd
ArmSoM-Sige5 [Rockchip RK3576]ArmSoM-LM7 [Rockchip RK3588]ArmSoM-KVM [Rockchip RK3568]Camera-Module-1
ArmSoM-Sige1 [Rockchip RK3528]ArmSoM-W3 [Rockchip RK3588]

ArmSoM Documentation​

Welcome to the official ArmSoM documentation center - your tutorial and guide for the ArmSoM series of products maintained by our development team and user community.

Inside you'll find support to get started building your applications and systems powered by ArmSoM's capable computing modules and peripheral products.

Getting Help​

If you run into any problems using this documentation, ask your questions in our forum or Discord. We have an active technical support team responding regularly to assist you.


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ArmSoM Forum: ArmSoM Forum - Our main channel for technical assistance.

Discord Community: ArmSoM Discord - experienced users and the ArmSoM team will definitely help you.

ArmSoM Github: ArmSoM Github

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